Latin (accusative singular of vīlla; plural villas or villae)
A house, often larger, in the countryside or on the coast, commonly used as a retreat.

Ancient Rome (plural “villae”): A country house with farm buildings around a courtyard.

“This is what happens when 2 like-minded local builders partner up for an epic conversation and conversion or two: we speak Latin and get our hands dirty.. or at least that’s how it started 12 years ago…”

Matt & Chris

Growing up on a working farm I veered away from family tradition and ended up in Edinburgh and then Leeds University studying architecture. However, when the time came, I found myself much happier hands-on in property development and specializing in barn conversions.

I took the more traditional route. Starting as a bricklayer and stone mason, I spent 15 years specialising in heritage, conservation and restoration brickwork, which boded well for when we started to specialise in barn conversions.

Villam was previously known as Sutton & Taylor Landscaping, building and brickwork specialists. As time went by we completed several self build developments around South Manchester and Cheshire; won the Home-building & Renovation Self Build award; and converted a plethora of barns in and around Cheshire. Our current project has certainly proved an exciting challenge thus far. To follow our story find us on Instagram and subscribe to our blog for updates on the journey.

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